Los Angeles

Storage in Los Angeles

There is many companies offering storage services in Los Angeles. Each company has got a small variation in terms of service, packages and charges. However, most of the factors still remain the same.

Most of the companies in Los Angeles have different types and sizes of storage containers and facilities. The storage units range from permanent storage units to mobile storage units. The facilities also range from long term storage facilities to short term facilities. As far as size is concerned, you can always get the smallest storage units being the cabinet size to very big containers that can keep most or even all of the bulky goods in your home.

The cost of keeping your property with storage companies depend on the size your property will occupy as well as the duration of storage. Services range as from one month to several years. However, if you want to store the products for a longer time, you will spend less per unit time since the storage companies have better packages for such customers.

Security is always enhanced both within and without. Most of the companies in Los Angeles have only one key for a storage container. This key is usually given to you at the time of hire and you can therefore access your container throughout the year without anyone else going into your storage facility. This is cold self-storage and is a very important factor you have to consider before choosing on a storage company. If a company has the full discretion of keeping the keys, or in case they have a spare key, then think of a different company. External security is also enhanced as the companies employ qualified security personnel and firms to guard their premises.

Some containers have climate control measures taken into consideration hence making it possible for you to store your climate sensitive goods. For three months from July to September, the average daily temperature in Los Angeles is always about 85 degrees Celsius. This is a very conducive temperature for the growth of mildew and growth when there is the presence of humidity. Considering a climate controlled unit in the case where you want to store items that are susceptible to mold and mildew is of great importance.

On average, it will cost you $2.15 per square foot per month to store your property in storage companies in Los Angeles. This translates to $218.18 per month for a 10×10 storage container. However, the most popular storage that is sought for in Los Angeles is the 5×10 unit.

As usual in business, there is always the principle of opportunity cost. When the demand is high, the prices also skyrocket. Within the city of Los Angeles and its surroundings are the following universities; The University of Southern California, The University of Los Angeles, Mount St. Mary’s College, Loyola Marymount University and California State University Los Angeles. During summer, many students usually seek for storage of their items thereby flooding the storage facilities and ultimately making the prices to go up.

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